Already missing those long summer days? Itching for just one more chance to dance the night away in that breezy summer dress? Don’t fret, don’t be upset, and don’t put those dancing shoes away just yet!

Let SUMS sweep you off your feet for a heart-stopping, breath-taking and ear-popping night in Latin America!

We present you

The Valsalsa Manoeuvre

Come along for our BIGGEST formal event of the year, and enjoy an amazing night of food, drinks, glamour and of course - partying through the night under the sparkling chandeliers.

Friday 28th June 7pm
The Grand Ballroom, Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney
Authentic three-course menu (Tailored to dietary requirements)
UNLIMITED 4 hour drink package

{SOLD OUT] MedBall 2019: The Valsalsa Manoeuvre [RELEASE 1]

$119.00 $135.00

Please note: you will need to add the individual ticket details for each guest. Please purchase each ticket individually.

Disclaimer: If a SUMS ticket is purchased for a non-SUMS member, the ticket will be invalid and a refund will not be issued. SUMS-members are welcome to purchase non-SUMS tickets for themselves.

Sold Out